Desperate appeal to SA government over land attacks

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
04 August 2010

A South African farming family in Zimbabwe has made a desperate appeal to Jacob Zuma’s government to intervene in a worsening invasion of their property.

Philip and Ellen Hapelt from Grasslands Farm in Somabhula have been fighting for several months to hold on to their property, which has caught the eye of MP Jabulani Mangena. Mangena has led a campaign of harassment, vandalism and violence against the Hapelts and their workers, claiming he has an offer letter entitling him to the property. Late last year, the Hapelts were brutally beaten by a gang of thugs, in an attack the family believes was meant to drive them from their farm.

The Hapelts many years ago voluntarily gave up the majority of their land for the sake of ‘reform’, under an agreement that would allow them to remain on their homestead with a small portion of farming land. They also have two Court orders that entitle them to live on the farm without fear of invasion or [continue reading]

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