Farmers back in SA court to demand costs

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
03 august 2010

South African farmers who have faced land seizures and persecution in Zimbabwe were back in their home country’s courts on Tuesday, trying to force the Zimbabwean government to pay their legal costs.

The Zim government last week filed an urgent court application against the farmers in South Africa, who last year turned to South Africa’s courts to seek justice for what they have endured in Zimbabwe. The application was to stop a planned auction of some Zimbabwean government owned properties, which was actually planned to recover costs owed to a German Development Bank. But the government filed the application against the farmers instead because they have also been involved in a similar case where they are planning such auctions.

The government then realised it’s mistake and scrapped the urgent application against the farmers from the court roll, without offering to pay the farmers compensation for the extra legal fees incurred. Civil rights initiative AfriForum, which is [continue reading]


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