South Africa: Statement by the Press Council Chairman Raymond Louw on Call for Media Appeals Tribunal

source: allAfrica
South African Press Council (Johannesburg)
2 August 2010

As chairman of the South African Press Council which administers the Press Ombudsman system of press self-regulation, I am appalled that the South African Communist Party and the African National Congress are calling for the institution of a statutory media appeals tribunal “to strengthen media freedom and accountability.”

The manner in which this call is being made and the indications, as far as they go, that have been given of the objectives appear to be a clear violation of the constitution in relation to the promotion of freedom of expression and media freedom.

The various reasons for setting up the tribunal offered by office bearers of the two parties and contained in the document put out by the ANC for discussion at its national general council in September– “Media transformation, ownership and diversity’’, are [continue reading]


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