LEA study identifies opportunities in piggery

source: Mmegi
Lekopanye Mooketsi

A study commissioned by the Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) has established that the country mainly relies on imports for pork supplies.

The study showed that local producers only meet 25 percent of the pork demands while the rest is sourced from outside the country.

The study found out that the annual national demand for pork products is 2,417.945 tonnes valued at P41.838 million. The annual supply is estimated to be 1,758.919 tonnes valued at P11 million. The study estimated a shortfall of about 630,864 tonnes.

According to the study, pork is the world’s leading choice meat and its demand will increase globally as a result of growth in per capita consumption and population. However, the study recommends that before the local producers can begin to [continue reading]


  1. veronica

    I think our government should start taking pigs seriously like cattle if only Abattoirs can be build where farmers can sell their pigs it will be much better and pork products will be produced in botswana instead of buying from outside.

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