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source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

President Ian Khama is scheduled to tour Shoshong constituency to stem the tide against the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) after area MP, Phillip Makgalemele defected to the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD).

BDP spokesman, Comma Serema told Mmegi yesterday that Khama will address BDP supporters in Shoshong to tell them that their area MP, Dovedale/Mmaphashalala councillor Neo Magowe and nominated councilor Bobby Babusi have gone to the BMD. “He will also urge the BDP faithful to keep their faith in our party and not be disenchanted by these self-seeking individuals,” he said. Makgalemele and the two councillors resigned yesterday and [continue reading]


source: allAfrica
15 July 2010

Cape Town — President Jacob Zuma has entered the debate on the threat of xenophobic attacks on migrants from other African states by calling on South Africans to “isolate and report to the police those elements who may be seeking to sow mayhem in communities.”

In a statement issued from his office in Pretoria on Thursday, he said the World Cup had demonstrated that South Africans were “warm, peace-loving and hospitable.” Their support for Ghana and other African teams had displayed “African unity in its true sense.”

He added: “Let us isolate all elements who may have sinister agendas, who may want to create havoc and sow pain and destruction in communities, especially foreign nationals residing in our country. We appeal for calm, tolerance and unity [continue reading]