Defection has made us stronger – Khama

source: Mmegi

TSAMAYA: Leader of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), President Ian Khama says his party has become stronger after getting rid of some members whom he described as troublemakers.

He was speaking at a sparsely attended BDP star rally that was held in Tsamaya village over the weekend. According to Khama, the defected members were like ‘poison’ in the party and had to be removed before they could spoil the party.

“We are even stronger without them. They were like poison in a person’s body so we won’t let that poison get back into our lives,” said Khama. He said the BDP has spent many years without discipline being instilled in the party, which made people forget to [continue reading]



    Happy is who believes!

    Poor,poor Ian!

    Does he know what is he talking about?!

    Whenn members of HIS OWN party criticize him,instead

    saying:”Thank you for being honest and telling me what you REALLY think!”,

    he names them “poison”!

    It does not have anything to do with discipline,Ian Khama,when you

    DISREGARD the Articles of Botswana Constitution;

    when you instead to acknowledge your mistakes and simply say:”I am not perfect”,you

    simply throw your critiques out of BDP.

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