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TSAMAYA: Leader of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), President Ian Khama says his party has become stronger after getting rid of some members whom he described as troublemakers.

He was speaking at a sparsely attended BDP star rally that was held in Tsamaya village over the weekend. According to Khama, the defected members were like ‘poison’ in the party and had to be removed before they could spoil the party.

“We are even stronger without them. They were like poison in a person’s body so we won’t let that poison get back into our lives,” said Khama. He said the BDP has spent many years without discipline being instilled in the party, which made people forget to [continue reading]

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The Nation (Nairobi)
Kitsepile Nyathi
14 July 2010

Harare — Zimbabwe has overtaken Tunisia as the country with the highest literacy rate in Africa despite the numerous problems that continue to dog the country’s once enviable education sector.

According to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) latest statistical digest, the southern African country has a 92 per cent literacy rate up from 85 per cent.

Tunisia remains at 87 per cent. Post independence Zimbabwe’s education was heavily subsidised by government resulting in vast improvements from the colonial system.

Zimbabwean graduates are well sought after throughout the world.

But with the country’s economic collapse blamed on [continue reading]

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Staff Writer

Investors snapped up 18, 225 gold-backed securities in a frenzied period of trading yesterday morning as the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE)’s inaugural Exchange Traded Fund listed.

Absa Capital, the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)’s originator, listed 1.6 million gold securities on the BSE yesterday morning, with each security equivalent to one one-hundredth of a gold ounce.

The gold ETF, also known as NewGold, tracks the performance of the gold price in pula terms and allows individual and institutional investors to trade in it in a similar manner to equities’ trading.

Absa Capital first listed the NewGold ETF on [continue reading]

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July 14 2010 at 05:46PM
By Peroshni Govender

South Africa’s success in hosting the soccer World Cup has made life more difficult for President Jacob Zuma by raising expectations his government can meet a series of unfulfilled promises in the same bold fashion.

After his government has shown it can deliver all that was needed to host the month-long sporting event, the public now wants Zuma to show the same resolve in dealing with the problems that have lingered since the end of apartheid 16 years ago — unemployment, poverty and a woeful education system.

Zuma now faces a crucial election for local posts across the country in the first half of next year that could determine the fate of the remainder of his term in [continue reading]