`Exodus` of Zimbabweans expected to leave SAs

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
13 July 2010

An international aid agency on Tuesday said it was preparing to deal with a possible ‘exodus’ of Zimbabweans leaving South Africa, amid threats of violence against foreigners in the country.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) warned that Zimbabweans were already leaving; reporting that unusually high numbers of trucks laden with furniture and household goods were crossing the border at Beitbridge, back into Zimbabwe. The IOM said that it “is currently working with the South African Government, UN agencies and local NGOs to plan for a possible exodus of vulnerable Zimbabwean migrants fleeing threats of post World Cup xenophobic violence in South Africa.”
Tensions in South Africa have remained high after the football World Cup came to an end over the weekend, after rumours began circulating a that violence against foreigners would be unleashed when the tournament ended. Already in the past few days there have been reports of violence. South African security forces moved into townships in the Cape Town area on Monday after attacks and threats against foreign migrants workers. Scores of workers took refuge at police stations after shops run by migrants were looted and [continue reading]


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