Zimbabweans fleeing SA amid fears of more xenophobic violence

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
06 July 2010

Zimbabweans who originally fled their homes for the relative security of South Africa are now fleeing back into the country, amid rising fears of xenophobic violence.

For several weeks there have been mounting fears among South Africa’s community of immigrants, after rumours started circulating that there would be xenophobic violence targeting all foreign nationals in South Africa after the football World Cup comes to an end.

Human rights groups have attributed the alleged threats of violence to fears that the job market will dry up when the tournament comes to an end. There was a significant boost in jobs over the past few years, particularly in the construction sector, as the country prepared to host the international football tournament. But with the job market once again contracting, the same anger that fuelled xenophobic violence in 2008 is beginning to resurface.

The 2008 attacks, which swept across the country in a manner of days, saw angry locals blaming foreigners for ‘stealing’ their jobs. More than 60 people were murdered and thousands of foreigners fled their homes, living in refugee camps for several weeks. The same xenophobic tensions have continued to [continue reading]


  1. it would be a shame if those shameful horrible acts return. The SA govt should seriously introspect and come up with lasting solutions to build their society. Today its xenophobic attacks, the next day its threats of violent revenge for the murder of an Afrikaner, God knows whats next. Unemployment will always be there, but that doesnt mean people should react violently. I guess it also has some lessons for us. We are known to be peace-loving people, but that does not mean we should be docile to speak up if we see things going wrongly or when we are not happy, from customer service to the bigger political landscape.

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