Saleshando slams Khama over media treatment

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

President Ian Khama has been accused of trying to govern the country like his own household, undermining transparency and protocols that govern the constitution. Botswana Congress Party (BCP) spokesman, Dumelang Saleshando told Mmegi that by barring private media from covering cabinet visits to councils, Khama thinks he can “come and make his own rules, circumventing the existing ones”.

The Gaborone Central MP was speaking after opposition councillors walked out of a full council meeting yesterday attended by Khama and the cabinet at the Gaborone City Council. The councillors took the action to protest the prevention of the private media from [continue reading]

  1. What is again with Khama?!

    Why this man does not read Botswana’S Constitution?

    ALL media (not just the state owned!) has the right to

    cover all political events in the country.

    That is called democracy!

    Instaed working with the private media and trying to please them,he anoys it.

    Remember Khama…the MEDIA makes you to stand or to fall!

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