SA government urged to protect citizens under attack in Zim

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
09 June 2010

The South African government is being urged to immediately intervene in ongoing attacks against South African farmers in Zimbabwe, where at least 16 people have faced aggressive land seizures in the past week.

The renewed onslaught against farmers, which has resulted in a number of forced evictions and arrests, has also been directed at five South African citizens. The home of Mike Odendaal on the Wolwedraai farm in Chipinge has been vandalised and his employees have been driven from the property. Mr P. Hapelt from Grasslands farm in Somabhula is being terrorised by farm invaders and his workers have also being intimidated. Goff Carbutt from Oscardale farm was arrested earlier this month and has since been barred from entering his property.

At the same time, game on the Denlynian Ranch owned by Ian Fergusson have reportedly been slaughtered, after the property was invaded in April and looted by suspected ZANU PF supporters. Meanwhile members of the police force have cut the power supply to the Highfields farm in Nyamandlovu, leaving Gary Godfrey’s 10 000 chickens, 130 cattle and 260 sheep without access to any water. It is understood that Mines Minister Obert Mpofu is behind this cruelty, and has been trying to [continue reading]

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