Btv is disappointing – survey

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

A recent research conducted by Mmegi has shown that urbanites have had enough of Botswana Television (Btv), which they accuse of lacking innovation and creativity.

Interviews with 50 urban dwellers of varying ages and backgrounds revealed that many people are choosing to desert the national broadcaster over a number of reasons. The survey, which was conducted in both Setswana and English, targeted both males and females of all age groups although most of the respondents were youthful.

“Not meaning to be rude, programming at our TV station really leaves a lot to be desired. The station spends too much time airing repeats rather than current issues.

A lot of money is spent on programmes that do not entertain at all or benefit us anything,” quipped Kabo Kebaimetse of [continue reading]


  1. Hi all

    We are able to view Btv through the Multichoice service in South Africa as well. I have to agree with the writer and the respondents that the station is going no where fast. There might be something worth while watching maybe once a week.

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