Foreigners should work within law parameters

source: BOPA
08 June, 2010

TUTUME – The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr Phandu Skelemani has told the residents of Tsamaya in the North East District that foreigners who come to Botswana to do business are bound by the laws of the country.

Mr Skelemani informed the residents at a kgotla meeting that the fact that this country needs foreign investors and has to go abroad in order to get them to come to Botswana and invest their resources here does not mean that we will entertain any fear in disciplining them if they misbehave.

He said foreigners have to work within the parameters of both the written and unwritten laws of the country and that if they disobey them they have to be punished accordingly.

The minister cited an example of some foreigners who were flogged at a kgotla in Francistown for [continue reading]


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