World Bank loans Morupule with P943m loan

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

Botswana has received a US$136 million (P943 million) loan from the World Bank as part finance for the 600 MW Morupule B power stations currently under construction in Palapye.

Morupule B power station is seen as the sustainable long-term solution to Botswana’s power shortages, particularly in the face of the decreasing imports from South Africa.

Speaking at the signing ceremony in Gaborone yesterday, Finance and Development Planning Minister, Kenneth Matambo said the project is of great strategic importance to the country, as it will contribute to the national energy security and spur economic growth, thus improving the [continue reading]

  1. Botswana currently imports 80% of its power needs,what percentage will the Morupule B power plant cover from this huge shortage?

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