Africa: Rule No 1 – the Chief is Always Right, It`s His Advisors Who Mislead Him

source: allAfrica
The East African (Nairobi)
Jenerali Ulimwengu
24 May 2010

Nairobi — It’s the chief, not his cronies.

As they prepared to do the premiere of The Last King of Scotland in Kampala a couple of years ago, I hailed a cab and hurried to evacuate myself from the city centre before Yoweri Museveni and his guests could trap me in another traffic snarl-up.

The young man driving me was all jovial politeness as he related how popular the film, starring the hulking Forest Whitaker, was with the citizens of Kampala and how hundreds of them would throng the theatres to see it.This intrigued me, so I asked the young musajja whether he had known Idi Amin.

No, the lad replied, he had not known the man because Amin had cut and run a year before the cabbie was born, but, yes, he had heard a lot of things about the man who used to call himself the Conqueror of the British Empire.

Naturally, I asked my young friend what kind of [continue reading]

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