Botswana immigration system needs restructuring

source: BOPA
05 May, 2010

GABORONE- Botswanas immigration system needs to be revamped to make it easier for the country to attract the best skills in the global market.

Independent economist from E-Consult, Dr Keith Jefferies expressed need for a thorough regulatory review of the system because of too many outdated regulations.

He was making a presentation at the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs Pitso Forum.

He said since globalisation meant labour mobility and competition for skills, there was need to take it as a positive that people want to live and work in Botswana.

Immigrants, he said, did not take opportunities but created them. Consequently, Dr Jefferies argued that Botswana should benchmark against the best to become globally competitive.

He said countries such as Singapore, Dubai, Canada and Australia were among the fastest growing economies in the world because of [continue reading]

  1. Australia favours immigration very much. More than 60% of Australian population is immigrants.

    Do you think that Botswanas should adopt similar policy like Australia regarding migration?

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