State television drops blackout on BDP split

source: Mmegi
Lekopanye Mooketsi

The Botswana Television (Btv) management does not want the raging factionalism within the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) to be discussed on the television’s political programme, Matlho-a-phage, The Monitor has learnt.

Matlho-a-phage is a Btv Sunday evening current affairs programme, which discusses local political developments. Panellists are invited to the studio for the round table discussions.

When the discussion is about a political party, usually a representative from that organisation is invited to come and be grilled by the panellists who at times include journalists.

Some analysts say due to the recent developments in the BDP, the party is a topical issue which needs to be discussed on Matlho-a-phage. However, the programme has been discussing irrelevant topics, while ignoring the [continue reading]


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