Palapye: From a train station to an economic hub

source: BOPA
03 May, 2010

GABORONE – Until you step inside, Charlies Arms in Palapye looks like any other old building – simple and ordinary.

A lifeless parameter wall, whose only redeeming feature is an inscription Charlies Arms in fancy typescript, notwithstanding, makes for the courtyard.

However, I find myself gazing inquisitively at this uninspiring mass of smothering concrete standing majestically in what used to be Palapyes central business district in the colonial period.

Suddenly I am gripped by an unexplained but riveting feeling of nostalgia. Intrigued, I uncharacteristically make my grand entrance into Charlies Arms and what a pleasant surprise I have. By the way Charlies Arms is a pub housed in the precincts of Palapye Hotel.

My eyes immediately switch into a search mode as I curiously pan my head across the four [continue reading]


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