Khama`s relative, friends linked to CKGR tourism investment

source: Sunday Standard
by Sunday Standard Reporter

A number of investors with family and professional links to President Lt Gen Ian Khama are behind Wilderness Safaris, which has built a lodge on land that was taken away from Basarwa of the Central Kgalagadi Game Reserve.

Khama’s nephew, Marcus ter Haar, and the president’s personal lawyer, Parks Tafa, are directors of Wilderness Safaris, which has in the past been linked to President Khama.

In 2002, the Bushmen were forcibly expelled from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR), but were reinstated their land in 2006. Despite the court ruling, the government has since banned them from accessing a borehole, which they rely on for [continue reading]


  1. Ian Khama can not forbid all his friends and relatives to buy

    shares in Wilderness Safaris,which belongs to PUMA,a

    German company.

    If they can invest in this company,it seems it is a

    public,traded on the stock market.

    As far as i know,Puma is a private owned company.

    The Bushmen are allowed to live in the Kalahari but the land is state owned or can they produce deeds?

    The fact,that Khama does not allow them to use an existing borehole,is not to my likeness.

    He should be lenient and forbearing with the poor bushmen.

  2. I meant last night “forbidding”.

    Yes, Kham wanted them to become “civilized” and live in

    buildings like the rest of Batswana,but it seems they were convinced by Survival International to continue living as their ancestors.

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