Commit yourself – Khama

source: BOPA
03 May, 2010

SEROWE – Disciplinary action will continue to be taken against public officers who fail to perform their duties, says President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama.

He said there is a causal relationship between failing to perform and alcohol abuse.

Speaking at a series of kgotla meetings in Serowe South last Thursday, President Khama urged civil servants to perform at a high level in order to make life easier for the public.

He said there is no point for the government to keep on initiating good development programmes when civil servants fail to [continue reading]


  1. Such a problems with builders,using bad materials,not completing the construction on time and INFLATING the

    final costs for construction of roads,bridges,stadiums and other public projects,

    exist ALSO in Western Europe.

    Khama and his ministers should hire good lawyers,who draft the contracts in such manner,that there is not any room for the builders to defraud the Government.

    Out a cap on the FINAL price for the construction;

    require a warranty of at least 5 years for the good condition and functioning of the public projects.

    In case the construction is bad,the Botswana Government can point to the WARrANTY clause in the contracts and demand,that the construction company does the repair.

    Actually these provisions are regulated in the Contract Law

    (Civil Code of Botswana).

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