Zimbabwe and Iran strike secret nuclear mining deal

source: SW Radio Africa
By Lance Guma
26 April 2010

While the rest of the world was focused on the controversy of the MDC-T objecting to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visiting Zimbabwe to open the Trade Fair in Bulawayo, behind closed doors deals were allegedly being made to allow Iran to mine Zimbabwe’s untapped uranium deposits. According to a report in the UK Daily Telegraph Iran is desperate to secure raw material for its expanding and controversial nuclear programme, while Zimbabwe wants oil in return.

On Monday Industry and Commerce Minister Welshman Ncube dismissed the report as ‘not true.’ He was keen to stress, ‘no such agreement was signed. There is no certainty that Zimbabwe has uranium deposits. You first have to prove that there are uranium deposits and that has not been done.’ Ncube a Minister from the smaller Mutambara MDC, added that the two countries had only signed general cooperation agreements in the fields of energy, science and technology and agriculture.

But the Daily Telegraph report suggests that [continue reading]


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