Govt acts to regulate home brews

source: BOPA
26 April, 2010

MAHALAPYE – Home brewed alcohol has, for a longtime, been left unregulated and many people continue to partake of it without having to be subjected to any regulations.

The Vice President, Lt Gen. Mompati Merafhe said government was working to enact some regulations that will control home brewed alcohol.

Speaking at kgotla meetings in Tidimalo, Dilaene, Herero, Mowana and Xhosa 2 in Mahalapye on Wednesday and Thursday, Lt Gen. Merafhe said government was concerned about the drinking habit of some people and the level of destruction unleashed unto their health.

He said the format used to develop these home brews was also a cause for concern.

General Merafhe cautioned residents to avoid such dangerous brews that have had a negative impact on the welfare of the youth as some seem to have aged well beyond their actual ages as a result of the cumulative effect of these alcoholic concoctions.

He said government would not watch helplessly as Batswanas lives go to waste because of the availability of brews that pose a real danger to [continue reading]


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