Ghanzi District Council frustrates suppliers

source: BOPA
26 April, 2010

GHANZI – Some small business operators who have been engaged by the Ghanzi District Council to provide needy people with monthly food baskets have criticised the council for failing to inform them about the commencement of the smart switch system (coupon system) that effected on April 1.

Speaking in an interview recently, a street vendor, Ms Fridah Webb said she was left with no option but to return her supply worth about P47 000 back to Choppies supermarket.

Usually I would buy the stock two or three days before the recipients could get their ration and I did exactly that. I was surprised to learn that my customers were now using coupons to buy at the shops. When I enquired at the council offices they said they have notified us through letters, which I never received, she said.

She said she nearly landed in trouble since the supermarket did not take kindly to taking back the supplies, she said.

Another business operator, Mr Kombers Monyatse of Bobos Street vendor said when their contracts ended in October 2009, it was extended to December 2009 and in January this year, he was availed a schedule that would run until December but was informed that they will be alerted of termination once the coupon system starts and [continue reading]


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