Khama moves to stem tidal wave

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

As Barata-Phathi move to form a new party, Botswana Democratic Party president Ian Khama is making strenuous efforts to stem a feared tidal wave of defectors from joining the erstwhile faction of the ruling party.

The military strategist that he is Khama has launched a counter-offensive on Barata-Phathi to ensure the splinter group does not take any more BDP supporters with them.

The BDP head office says Khama will address BDP members throughout the country, beginning in the north, on recent developments in the party, especially registration of the vaunted new party.

This week Sidney Pilane revealed that [continue reading]


  1. Yaaa…Yaaa…Khama is trying to iron his mistakes…

    may be too late!

    He has to change his leadership style…

    when i listened to African Voices on CNN last year,i could not believe,that he said:”I like hand-on approach to politics!”

    Wrong! Politics are not business.

    In a democracy you can not use a “hand-on approach”…

    you have consider,that you are not the only one,administrating the country…

    the MPs are also there.

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