Government vehicle misuse rife officer

source: BOPA
22 April, 2010

HUKUNTSI – The misuse of government vehicles is on the increase in the Kgalagadi District.

The Kang Central Transport Organisation (CTO) principal technical assistant, Ms Malebogo Mothibamele, said the level of misuse stands at about 29 per cent for the 2009-2010 financial year.

In her report to various heads of government departments in the Hukuntsi Sub District, Ms Mothibamele said supervisors connive with drivers to misuse government vehicles.

It has come to our attention that supervisors abuse their authority and work hand in hand with drivers when it comes to the misuse of government vehicles, wrote Ms Mothibamele.

Ms Mothibamele advised transport officers to ensure that each journey is authorised, and that drivers should also [continue reading]

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