Phikwe skates on pit waste

source: Mmegi

SELEBI-PHIKWE: The sluggish phasing out of pit latrines Selebi-Phikwe pits the town council against the residents who plead that they do not have the money to connect to the water system.

Botshabelo East resident, Chalido Madome, says it will be difficult to get rid of pit latrines because a majority of the residents are unemployed and they do not have money to connect to the sewerage reticulation system.

“At the moment people are failing to pay their SHHA loans or even service levies. They have been threatened by the council to repossess their plots or reporting them to the deputy sheriffs. Residents will not be able to pay for the connection. The project will only impoverish them and put them in trouble with the local authority,” he said.

Madome pleaded with the council to come up with a better project than [continue reading]


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