Khama nips barata-phathi in the bud

source: Mmegi
Lekopanye Mooketsi

The military strategist that he is, President Ian Khama has reportedly adopted a soft approach to deal with Barata-Phathi following their threats to form a splinter party.

Khama has since realised that the Barata-Phathi are serious about their plans and it would not help the situation to fight fire with fire.

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) insiders said Khama is now approaching Barata-Phathi Members of Parliament (MPs) individually. Khama is said to have been charming during his meetings with the individual MPs. The idea is to convince them not to leave the BDP. By approaching the MPs individually, Khama also intends to divide Barata-Phathi. A BDP member said Khama does not want to talk to Barata-Phathi as a group because it would seem as if he recognises the mavericks.

Already two of the MPs, the unpredictable Tawana Moremi and Mmoloki Raletobana have taken Khama’s bait. The two legislators have apologised to [continue reading]


  1. Oooooooooooh!
    Finally Khama came to his senses!

    He should convince the members of BarataPhati,that he is NOT a demagog…NOT a man,who lives in the 19Th century,but

    a PROGRESSIVE leader,looking to the future and willing to LISTEN,listen,dear Khama!

    As a politician you have to listen to people and try to understand their concerns and be OPEN for a dialog and negotiations!

    If BarataPhati form a new party,they have 4 and half years to prepare for the elections and they might be a serious treat to BDP,which DUGS it’s hills,when it comes to

    new ideas,changes in the Constitution and in the society as a whole.

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