US latest to criticise Botswana government over Bushmen

source: Mmegi

The US State Department’s latest human rights report has criticised the Botswana government for its ‘continued narrow interpretation’ of the 2006 High Court ruling that granted the Bushmen the right to return to their ancestral lands.

The report states that although the ruling recognised the Bushmen’s constitutional right to live on their lands in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, the majority are ‘being prohibited from returning to or hunting’ in the reserve. It found that many Bushmen have not returned to their land because ‘lack of water made [the reserve] an extremely inhospitable environment’.

Since the ruling, the government has banned the Bushmen from accessing a water borehole, which they used before they were illegally evicted from the reserve. Without it, they struggle to find enough water to survive on their lands. At the same time as denying the Bushmen water, the government has drilled new boreholes for wildlife and [continue reading]


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