Trade and industry ministry disburses alcohol levy

source: BOPA
08 April, 2010

GABORONE – The Ministry of Trade and Industry has disbursed P100 million from the alcohol levy to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture from which P30 million will be used to capitalise the Youth Development Fund.

Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr Maxwell Motowane, told Parliament that government had also committed 45 per cent of all revenues collected from the alcohol levy to be provided to the youth department to continue funding projects.

He said the funds were expected to assist youth countrywide who apply for financial assistance to start business projects.

Mr Motowane said in addition a total of P2.4 million had been disbursed for prevention of alcohol abuse programmes for the youth such as Goga Masigo Association of Arts (P82 000), Department of Public Health for youth and alcohol campaign activities in [continue reading]


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