South Africa`s hate speech echoed in Zim, by Malema

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
06 April 2010

Concern is high after this weekend’s controversial visit by ANC Youth League (ANC-YL) leader Julius Malema, who used a ZANU PF rally to sing a song already deemed as ‘hate speech’ by his country’s courts.

Malema visited Zimbabwe as a guest of ZANU PF’s Youth League, to learn ‘lessons’ on nationalisation. The firebrand ANC-YL leader, who rose to notoriety by stating that he would ‘kill’ for South African President Jacob Zuma, addressed a number of ZANU PF rallies over the weekend. It was on this platform that Malema once again sang the apartheid era protest song ‘Shoot the Boer’ (Dubula’ibhunu), which a court barred him from singing after declaring it a form of hate speech.

But this didn’t stop him from singing it in Zimbabwe, where a senior ZANU PF youth official substituted the word ‘ibhunu’, with ‘Roy Bennett’ –
in reference to the MDC Treasurer General.

“We are not against whites at all, we are only against those whites who do
not see blacks as human beings,” said ZANU PF youth secretary, Absalom

There is grave concern over this echo of Malema’s chosen song, which he has used to [continue reading]


  1. Lati

    Malema is write because they are whites who takes us as nothing and its painful.MALEMA is doing the right things at all

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