Victory for farmers as Zim property seized in South Africa

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
31 March 2010

Zimbabwe’s embattled commercial farmers had a small taste of victory this week, after a multimillion rand property owned by the Zimbabwe government in South Africa was seized by their lawyers, in the first significant legal move against ZANU PF over unlawful land ‘reform’.

The property was one of four identified by civil rights initiative AfriForum, to be ‘attached’ as possible compensation for South African farmers who have lost land in Robert Mugabe’s war on white farmers. A 2008 regional ruling, declaring his land ‘reform’ program as ‘unlawful’ has been ignored and legally dismissed in Zimbabwe, leaving farmers with no choice but to seek justice elsewhere. Farmers approached AfriForum to have that same ruling, made by the human rights court of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), registered in South Africa.

Judge Garth Rabie last month ruled in favour of the farmers, stating that the SADC Tribunal ruling, including a later order to pay costs to the farmers, should be honoured. AfriForum has since been seeking what Zimbabwean assets can be attached to settle these costs and identified four properties in Cape Town. The R2,5 million house in the Cape Town suburb of Kenilworth was attached by the sheriff’s office on Tuesday, meaning it could now be auctioned off by the farmers to cover their [continue reading]


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