VAT increases tomorrow

source: BOPA
31 March, 2010

GABORONE – Value added tax (VAT) goes up tomorrow, following Parliaments approval of Ministry of Finance and Development Planning resolution presented Monday.

Presenting the resolution, Mr Kenneth Matambo, finance and development planning minister, proposed that the rate of VAT be increased from the current 10 per cent to 12 per cent beginning of next month.

The resolution sailed through despite opposition from some MPs, among them Mr Dumelang Saleshando of Gaborone Central, Messrs Nehemiah Modubule of Lobatse, Moremi Tawana of Maun West, Wynter Mmolotsi of Francistown South and Gibson Nshimwe of Chobe.

Their argument was that most Batswana had been hit hard by inflation hence the high the cost of living for low income groups who would be [continue reading]


  1. The same mistake was done by the German Government in the last decades.

    It increased and increased and increased the VAT taxes in the hope to collect MORE taxes.

    As the salaries did not increase in the last 30-35 years(because many German companies left for greener pastures,Eastern Europe,Africa,China),

    people were left with LESS money in their pockets and the increased 19% VAT in Germany made it impossible for low income groups to purchase goods.

    Therefore people started buying LESS cars,LESS furniture,LESS clothing,LESS travelling and as a result the whole economy suffered.


    The Botswana Government ought to learn from the mistakes

    of the West European countries.

    But NO! What Khama is doing is to repulse the a few manufacturing companies by increasing levies for alcohol.

    People,who are addicted to alcohol,will drink EVEN if a bottle of whisky costs $25,-

    In my opinion the BT and the State press,instead broadcasting HATEFUL tirades against BarataPhati,ought

    to EDUCATED and ENLIGHTEN it’s citizens about the consequences of excessive drinking.

    When I lived in California,the Government did NOT prohibit to the population to fry themselves in the sun…

    it was broadcasting day and night and showing all possible

    arts of skin cancer as prevention.

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