Parliament passes four bills

source: BOPA
01 April, 2010

Parliament this week passed four bills, among them a bill to amend the Magistrates Courts Act to allow magistrates to engage assessors in both civil and criminal cases in an advisory capacity. The assessors are expected to, among others, provide assistance in interpreting traditional identification marks (matshwao) and colours as well as animal behavior during stock theft cases.

Again, Parliament gave government green light to raise a loan from the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) for part financing the expansion and upgrading of the Kasane Airport. The expansion and upgrading of the airport project includes a VIP lounge and runway lights.

According to the loan agreement, Botswana would use its own money to pay contractors and claim the money from BADEA. Also enacted was the Industrial Property Act to provide for the protection of industrial property in Botswana, thus giving effect to [continue reading]


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