Zimbabwe: No agreement in sight as talks deadline passes

source: SW Radio Africa
By Alex Bell
30 March 2010

An agreement meant to be thrashed out by Zimbabwe’s feuding political parties has remained out of sight, with a deadline for an agreement to be reached passing on Monday.

The deadline was set by South African President Jacob Zuma earlier this month, when he intervened in the dispute over outstanding issues of the Global Political Agreement. Zuma, who is the Southern African region’s appointed facilitator, came away from the mediation trip lauding ‘progress’ in the form of a package of measures to rescue the fragile coalition. He set three dates for party negotiators to meet and to work out an agreement on how to move the unity government forward, details that are meant to be presented in a report on Wednesday.

But the talks’ deadline passed on Monday with no conclusion or agreement, and the negotiators were set to meet again on Tuesday after Cabinet adjourned. Zuma’s own mediation team meanwhile jetted back into the country on Monday to ‘assist’ the negotiators, but its is widely believed that there is no chance of [continue reading]

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