Death penalty sours relations between Botswana and South Africa

source: Sunday Standard
by Morula Morula
28.03.2010 8:50:15 P

Fly Mokwadi on 24 of March became the 42nd person to be executed in Botswana since the country attained independence in 1966.

Mokwadi was found guilty of having murdered his child.

His execution comes amidst condemnations by civil society groups in the country who say that the government should abolish the practice, which has been widely condemned in other countries as being both abhorrent and not a deterrent.
Leading this campaign in Botswana has been the Botswana Human Rights organisation (Ditshwanelo).

The organisation has been campaigning against the death penalty for years now, saying that the government should move with the times and abolish the practice and replace it with life sentences as is the practice in most democratic countries around the world.
The government’s stand has always been that Batswana in general are pro death sentence and that [continue reading]

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