Botswana aware of China increasing role

source: BOPA
29 March, 2010

GABORONE – Botswana cannot ignore the huge business and other opportunities that China offers, Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr Phandu Skelemani, said in Parliament Thursday Besides being a super power, Botswana was also aware of Chinas increasing role in world affairs when she opened a mission in that country.

Mr Skelemani noted that China had a deliberate policy to help third world countries and Africa in particular, through an initiative called the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC).

The assistance, he highlighted, covered sectors such as agriculture, health, education, transport and communications. Botswana, he said, actively participated in that forum and had benefitted from programmes under FOCAC.

The minister explained that relations between the two countries dated back some 35 years, and throughout that period, Botswana was a [continue reading]

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