Khama urged to call fresh elections

source: Sunday Standard
28.03.2010 8:39:14 P

With factional bickering deadlocked inside the ruling Botswana Democratic Party, some sections of the A-Team faction are reported to be lobbying President Ian Khama to dissolve parliament and call fresh elections.
The strategy is designed to outflank Members of Parliament sympathetic to Barata Phathi.

The A-Team is worried that at the pace at which things are going, their rivals in the Barata Phathi faction are poised to cross the floor with parliamentary seats which they won only last year under the BDP ticket.

BDP Central Committee insiders say the idea of a snap election was first broached by former cabinet and now central committee member, Tebelelo Seretse.

It is alleged that at a central committee meeting held on Monday, following the Barata-Phathi summit in Mogoditshane, Seretse suggested to the BDP leadership that the only way to break the impasse was [continue reading]


  1. Ian Khama ought to take in consideration,that Botswana’s

    Constitution was drafted in time,when the country was

    JUST put on the map of Africa.

    As Botswana is now days a more developed democracy,

    A REVIEW of the Constitution is imminent.

    Actually Khama ought to be MORE content,if the PARLAIMENT has plenty of power-decision making,because

    then his country men/women and the liberated Botswana press will blame the PARLAIMENT,dear Mr.Khama and NOT YOU!

    So…give the BarathaPhati what they want…a NEW Constitution,instead threatening them with disciplinary hearings.

    Beside this,the Constitution of Botswana gives EVEN now

    RIGHT TO ASSEMBLY to EVERY Botswana citizen,dear Mr.Khama!

    And the Constitution is the SUPERIOR LAW in the country…

    your internal rules of BDP are VOID,when they tan gate the Constitution!

    Pilane ought to file an injunctive relief at the High Court in Lobatse,to suspend the BDP rules,which state,that a member of the party is not allowed to assemble with other people.

  2. Khama ought to be MORE contented,if he shifts the most decision .
    making to the Parliament.

    Khama’S MAIN problem is,that he lacks LEGAAL knowledge,

    therefore he is taking PLENTY of wrong decisions as he does not know the laws.

    His friend Jeff Ramsay reads the text of the rules…regrettably he does not know how to interpret and analyse the laws…

    You learn this after attending a Law School for 6 years,Mr.Khama!

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