Water affairs addresses Serowe water crisis

source: BOPA
26 March, 2010

SEROWE – Shortage of water, which has negatively impacted on some sections of Serowe would be addressed once the anticipated measures are implemented, says Serowe water affairs assistant station manager, Mr Rebaone Matlhape.

Responding to a BOPA questionnaire, Mr Matlhape said the village is currently supplied through 39 boreholes, 23 being at Stekwane and 18 at Moriri but said three boreholes were closed due to high levels of nitrates.

He added that they are producing 6966M3/day but the daily demand is 8000M3/day and the daily consumption rate is 4809.15M3/day which means that they are pumping beyond the stipulated hours of operation in an attempt to meet the demand.

The figures show that we are producing enough water to meet the daily demand of the village. In reality however not all sections of [continue reading]


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