Botswana, a European puppet-ICC Watch

source: Mmegi
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The International Criminal Court Watch (ICC Watch) has accused Botswana of behaving like a European puppet and being party to the undermining of Africa’s independence from colonial rule.

The report by the ICC Watch says there is growing concern about Botswana’s position regarding the attempts by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague to indict, arrest and extradite Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir with regard to the conflict in Darfur.

The report goes on to say the ICC, established in 2002, has increasingly come to be seen as a European Court.”The ICC is overwhelmingly dominated and funded by Germany, Britain, France and Italy, Africa’s old colonial masters,” the report says. The report accuses President Ian Khama for being party to decisions fundamentally undermining African independence and re-establishing European domination of African affairs. “Sir Seretse was a leading figure in fighting for and asserting African independence. It comes as a great surprise therefore that his son, a subsequent President of Botswana, Ian Khama, has been party to [continue reading]

  1. Yes,we,Europeans,applauded Ian Khama,when he condemned

    Mugabe’s persecution of the opposition and when Khama

    supported the International Criminal Court in its pursuit to

    charge Bushier(Sudan’s president) with genocide.

    Regrettably,may be I am the ONLY one in Germany,who bothers about reading Botswana’s press and who follows

    the DOMESTIC politics in this country.

    No!I think it is WIDELY exaggerated to say,Botswana is a puppet of EU!

    EVEN countries,who are member of EU,are NOT it’s puppets!

    Botswana is ONLY associate country to EU…it is in a mutual advantage…finally I can buy steaks from Botswana.

    Khama is NOT the ONLY leader in Africa,who criticizes Mugabe…recently Rv.Desmond Tutu also said,that Mugabe

    turned Zimbabwe into a basket case.

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