The day Khama told them `Voetsek!`

source: Mmegi
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No word could be a better fit for the response that President Ian Khama and the BDP central committee gave to the party’s faction of Barata-Phathi, following their decision to bolt from the ruling party than the Afrikaans word ‘voetsek!’

Literally “tie your feet up!”, and “stop following me!” or even ‘get lost!’. The decision is an expression of the feeling of the BDP central committee and party president following the announcement to form a new party by the faction, and after the faction served the president with a list of demands. The central committee found the demands simply ‘untenable’ and ‘outrageous’ and refused to meet any of them. If the Barata-Phathi had hoped that Khama and the central committee would even have [continue reading]


  1. If Khama says “Voetsek” to everybody in BDP,who dares to

    ask for reforms in the Botswana society,soon

    NOBODY shall be left in BDP!

    1.In my opinion,barata Phathi is right,asking for reduction of the alcohol levy.

    People are drinking excessively alcohol NOT because it is cheap but because they lack the education about the bad

    influences of alcohol or because they lack THE WILL and SELF-CONTROL NOT to exaggerate with drinking alcohol.

    They SIMPLY can not say to themselves:”I must stop now! I am in control of my actions!”

    2.To increase the levy probably will force the few companies In Botswana to move over the border to South Africa,where the rules are NOT so strict.

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