Companies not registered for tax rebates

source: BOPA
25 March, 2010

PARLIAMENT – Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS) does not register companies for tax rebates, Assistant Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Mr Charles Tibone has said.

However, Mr Tibone said Section 51 (2) of the Income Tax, Cap 52.01 of the Laws of Botswana provides that where a person makes a donation to any institutions or sports club or sports association recommended by the minister responsible for education or the minister responsible for sports, respectively and approved by the commissioner general of BURS, the taxable income ascertained in respect of that person shall be subjected to the deduction of not less than P1 000 of the aggregate value in moneys worth of donations made by him.

Provided, the said deductions do not exceed 20 per cent of the persons aggregate income for [continue reading]

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