BDP declares war on Barata-Phathi

source: Mmegi
Staff Writer

The central committee has now released a statement, after a marathon meeting which was said to have lasted both the weekend and the whole day yesterday.

In the strongest sign yet of the no-nonsense attitude of the A-Team leader and party President Ian Khama, the statement has declared the gathering illegal, effectively demanding Barata-Phathi members quit the party and form their own.

The party indicated that since the meeting was not sanctioned by the BDP, it remains illegal and inconsequential to the party’s business, warning that [continue reading]

  1. EVERY citizen of Botswana has a RIGHT to Assembly,Mr.Khama!

    Thia right is embeded in Botswana’s Constitution ,which is

    the SUPRIOR LAW of the country.

    If the so called “Constitution” of BDP states,that it’s members are NOT allowed to

    assemble for whatever purposes,BDP rules are VIOLATING the rights of your country men and women!

    Therefore legally these rukes are NULLUM!

    So…Khama,you got to deal now with Sidney Pilane…you ought to study Constitutional law!

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