Botswana Ruling Party May Split, Triggering New Vote

March 23, 2010, 11:12 AM EDT
source: Businessweek
By Jerry Bungu

March 23 (Bloomberg) — Botswana’s ruling party, which has governed the world’s biggest diamond-producing nation since 1966, may split, said a leader of a breakaway faction that wants to form a new opposition movement.

Disgruntled members of the Botswana Democratic Party, who form a group known as Barata Phathi, met on March 20 to discuss their opposition to President Ian Khama, said Sydney Pilane, a member of the steering committee of the faction. Pilane was among three members of the BDP suspended last week pending a party disciplinary hearing.

“We have been given the mandate to go ahead to do what is necessary to form the new party,” Pilane said in a phone interview today from [continue reading]


  1. What a mess!

    It is like a domino!

    First Khama suspended Motswaledi,because he was speaking to the press,without his permission and for having the courage to say,what ACTUALLY is LEGAL.

    Khama should NOT have hired his family law firm to do an evaluation on his performance as a chairman of BDP!

    Period! It is called a CONFLICT OF INTEREST,dear Khama.

    Instead too excuse himself and say:”Hey,Batswana,I am a human…I did not attend a law school and I made a legal mistake!”,Khama threw out Motswaledi from BDP!

    So…now,Khama,NOT just the local papers are writing about your nepotism,but also Bloomberg and Newsweek is read ALL over the world.

    Sydney Pilane has a SHARP MIND,Khama…he knows how to go through the loopholes of the law!

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