Tourism industry records marginal increase

source: BOPA
18 March, 2010

GABORONE – Botswana’s tourism market recorded a marginal increase of tourists during recent global economic recession, Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism, Mr Kitso Mokaila, told Parliament Tuesday.

Mr Mokaila said the recession impacted negatively on the Botswana tourism market in that while tourism numbers had increased, it was a much lesser percentage as compared to previous years. He said the trend of tourists visits to Botswana during the recession was such that there had been a 3.1 per cent annual increase in tourist arrivals in 2008 and 3.5 per cent for 2009 against an estimated 8.4 per cent annual increase over the previous years. He explained that from these totals, over 80 per cent of tourist arrivals were intra-regional as opposed to inter-regional, with South Africa and Zimbabwe taking the lead with 87per cent of such arrivals.

Mr Mokaila was repsonding to Chobe MP, Mr Gibson Nshimwe who asked him to state the trend of [continue reading]

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