Zambia: Criticised for Developing Relations with China

source: allAfrica
The Times of Zambia (Ndola)
15 March 2010

IN recent times, the Government and in particular President Banda have come under criticism for embracing and developing the relationship with China.

The opposition parties have taken every opportunity to criticise the Government even for issues that have nothing to do with government to government relations.

For instance, any mistake committed by a Chinese owned company is blamed on Government even when it is clear that the Government has nothing to do private companies.

Many have also criticised Government for seeking financial and other forms of aid from the Chinese Government.

But the recent words by International Monetary Fund (IMF) which encouraged Zambia and other developing countries to seek aid from China, proves that Government decision to continue dealing with the Chinese government was correct.

China is a growing power in the world and its financial and political muscle cannot be ignored. Its influence in [continue reading]

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