South Africa: Land reform proposals spark fears

source: IOL
March 15 2010 at 01:24PM
By Gaye Davis
Group Deputy Political Editor

A government proposal to make productive farmland “a national asset” has sparked fears that the result will be nationalisation, with warnings that it could damage the agricultural sector.

It’s one of two options mooted by the Department of Rural Development in its strategic plan aimed at changing land tenure systems.

The plan says one option would be to declare “all productive land” a “national asset”, and envisages a quit-rent land tenure system “either with perpetual or limited rights”. This, it says, may require an amendment to the constitution’s property rights clause.

Annette Steyn, the DA’s deputy shadow rural development minister, said: “The president (Jacob Zuma) has just come back from overseas where he… moved to assure investors that nationalisation is not on the ANC’s agenda. The tabling of this report is an absolute rebuttal of [continue reading]


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