MoE corruption investigations stall as system collapses

source: Sunday Standard
by Morula Morula
14.03.2010 6:28:52 P

Investigations into corrupt practices at the Ministry of Education’s Department of Student Placement and Welfare are said to have hit a snag after the system that contains information on student loans, the Student Loans Management System (SLMS), allegedly broke down.

As a result the twenty eight officials of the DSPW who were interdicted over allegations of corruption are still in the dark as to what the future holds for them, long after the MoE promised that it will communicate with them.

The officers were interdicted three weeks ago amid allegations of corruption, with promises that they will be contacted in two weeks, after investigations have been carried out.
One of the junior officers who were interdicted told Sunday Standard that they have started feeling very insecure about [continue reading]


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