Government won`t recover millions lost in the construction of Serowe stadium

source: Sunday Standard
by John Regonamanye
14.03.2010 6:31:14 P

Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture Shaw Kgathi this week absolved the company that was involved in the construction of Serowe stadium from any wrong doing, saying that the stadium’s disintegration before it was even used is a result of peculiar soil properties. He also laid the blame on communication breakdown between officers involved in the planning and the implementation phase of the project.

The multi- million pula Serowe stadium revealed glaring cracks immediately after its completion in 2001.
While many pointed accusing fingers at the corrupt construction industry, Kgathi insists that there was no foul play.

When answering a question from Chobe Member of Parliament, Gibson Nshimwe on Wednesday, Kgathi said that government has not taken any steps to recover its money as no one was found to be [continue reading]


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