Alcohol levy may rise

source: BOPA
15 March, 2010

SEROWE -President Lt Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama says he would consider increasing alcohol levy if Batswana continue to drink the way they do.

He said indications are that out of 50 drivers tested for alcohol, 40 are found to be over the limit, an indication that people are continuing to indulge in alcohol. President Khama was speaking in response to concerns raised at a kgotla meeting in Mmatshumo during his visit to Boteti last week.

Mr Moipontshi Pifelo had expressed concern about the youth of Mmatshumo, who he said abuse alcohol and disrespect elders. The President blamed parents for the waywardness of the youth, adding that parents should instill discipline in their children. He said children copy alcohol abuse from their parents, who indulge in [continue reading]


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