Deadline looms for Botswana to change to new television system

source: Sunday Standard
by Gowenius Toka
07.03.2010 9:23:25 P

Government is expected to carry through the process of consultation with the public and other appropriate institutions, with a view to determine which of the recommendations made to her by the task force appointed to oversee the country’s migration into a new epoch of digital television, would be worth implementing.

“…it has been resolved and accordingly recommended to the Minister of Transport and Communication, by the Digital Migration Task Force (DMTF), that Botswana should have fully converted from Analogue transmission to the digital television system by the end of January 2014,” said Masego Mpotokwane, Chairperson of the task force.

Mpotokwane pointed out that the decision emanated from the resolution of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) made in 2006, to the effect that all the countries falling within the category of which Botswana formed a part, should have gone digital by 17th June, 2015.

To this end, some countries in [continue reading]


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